Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sunset & Chocolate Paws!

Hey Pals,
Mama took this picture last night of the neat sunset. It's not too often that the sunsets have those many colors at one time. So she thought she better snap a picture.
The other day Mama's sister and our niece came over with a package for Mama. Guess what it was?? CHOCOLATE PAWS See the box:

We wondered how someone gets chocolate paws. Are they from chocolate labs?? Where do they come from?? Then before we knew it, Mama & Papa were eating them, Yikes!!!

Mama finally told us that they are candy and they have caramel on the insides. We were patiently waiting for our share, but we didn't get any, sigh.....

Snickers here, I wanted to thank all of the boys that applied to be my alternate boyfriend, hehehehe! See Butchy is my boyfriend, but not all of the time. Sometimes he totally ignores me. Especially when he is watching tv holding the remote control. Here is the proof:

He can be lots of fun at times and we love to wrestle and run around like wild nuts, but then other times he is such a sleepy head. He won't even exercise with me, can you believe that?? I just love walking on the treadmill. I can even do it now without a leash on. The other night I walked on it for 40 minutes straight. This way by building up my walking skills I can beg Mama for longer walks outside on our acreage. (I can actually out walk Mama, tee hee) Oouu, Mama told me she will have a surprise for me on this Friday and she said I can tell everyone here then. I can harldy wait, I wonder what it is?? Guess I better go beg Mama to walkie again!
Wirey Hugs!
Snickers & Butchy


The Army of Four said...

Hey roo guys! Hmm... Butchy would fit in well with the boys here. They play... but when it comes to exercise - us girls are the real athletes. We're the runners in the family, not the boys! (Bipeds excluded - our Dad is very athletic!) Snickers, maybe you can come running with us!
Great sunset! Make sure you see our picture today!
Tail wags,

Isabella said...

What is it with guys and remote controls? That sunset was gorgeous!
Big Wags-

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I have my own remote too!

Bussie Kissies

Boo said...

hey butchy & snickers,

did you drool when the hooman were eating those chocolates? :-)

oh! snickers, did you get any proposal for marriage yet?

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

That's a great pic of the sunset. And chocolate paws!!. Those look yummy...

~ fufu

hana said...

Chocolate paws? Maybe you should ask your parents to dip your paws in chocolate too. Then they'd have to let you lick them!

Sunshade said...

Snickers, that Butchy...... *nvm*

Your chocolate paws had mum drooling all over my keyboard. I, oddly enough, dont' like chocolates. I actually run away from it whenever I smell it for some reason...

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Simba said...

No chocolate, mean, I have the same problem here.

Simba x

Studly Dudley said...

Hey Butchy and Snickers,

First of all.. Butchy.. FOR SHAME. When you have a gorgeous WFT like Snickers, you milk it for all it's worth.

Snickers.. don't worry.. you are incredibly BOO-tiful and when Butchy ignores you.. you can come to my house.
Keep us updating on the surprise your mum has for you!


fee said...

40 minutes! i think you can be in the guiness book of records, snickers! butchy can probably make it in there for armchair surfing too, ha!

ps: ah ma told me she received something from you, but won't tell me what it is...

Maddie said...

Butchy & Snickers! Woooo
Beautiful captured sunset!

Boy those Chcocolate Paws look fun!
I have Chocolate Paws attached to me, but somehow they just don't look as scrumptious as the ones you have pictured!!!!

Chocolate kissies,

Life with Ozzy said...

Wait you get to hold the remote? Oh there is something wrong in this house when I'm not allowed to get control of the remote. I'm gonna have to talk to my dad about sharing the remote with me. I'm sure he wouldn't mind watching some Animal Planet with me.
Wirey hugs,

T-man said...

Those chocolate paws should be for dogs only, not humans!

Gus said...

they took the remote away from me in VA when I fixed it to only show animal planet, and Travis thought there was a new flavor of Frosty Paws when I read him your blog title. I had to deal with disappointment all day long.....

The Latshaws said...

Hey Snickers - are you accepting any late applications for fill-in boyfriend? I would be happy to send you all of my qualifications, besides being dashing and handsome.

What is your surprise? Can't wait to hear!

Roo said...

Hiya you two! Butchy looks so comfy and right at home with the remote in paw. Good for you Snickers keeping yourself lookin' and feelin' good with the walkies!! That is really a beautiful sunset picture your mommy got with all the great colors! Have a great weekend!

Your pal,

Toby said...

What? Chocolate Paws and none for you?? That can't be right!!!